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Systems We install / Service

System Design / Prewire

When we initially meet with you to discuss your system needs we will then design a practical system

and from that approved design, we will then prewire your new home or if its an existing home we can

retrofit the new systems into it, bringing an older out of date home up to speed with today's new "smart Homes"

Camera Systems

We can provide multi cameras and recording capabilities to serve as a means of protection. If an intruder

knows he's being watched the chances of them doing damage or breaking into your home is far less greater.

Having the ability to replay an event may even help as evidence or to stop a crime before it even happens.

Telephone and Internet

Lots of people dont have or use a home phone any more as cell phones have become a way of life and just

about everyone has one. Telephone wiring in new homes is still a necessity as more and more people are

working from home offices. We can provide mullti lines for voice or fax and internet data all at one easy location

in a home office and in other areas of your home. This is made possible by our ability to install a Structure Wired


Home Networking

Not only are your computers in need of an internet connection but now a lot of your Audio / Video components need

a connection to the web so they can get support for firmware updates and even to provide content. This is especially true

with the latest Bluray players. They can get the latest performance upgrades just by clicking the remote control and they can

provide you with more entertainment options other then just a Blueray disc or Dvd. These players need an internet connection

and there are many ways we can get your player online along with other systems in your home looking for that online connection!

Cable TV and Satellite

We are not a Cable or Satellite provider but we can give you the ability to watch either one or both if you choose in

any room you desire. This is made possible by our ability to install a Structure Wired System.

Structure Wired Systems

What is commonly known as a Smart Home or Smart Home wiring is really nothing more then having the ability to simply

make very easy changes to your existing wiring by sending different signals to different locations without having to crawl

up in the attic every time you need to relocate a service in your home to a different room. By having the proper wiring in place

throughout the home and having it and the services you need all meet at a common spot you can then quickly make changes

if needed to where you want your cable or satellite signals to go or what room or rooms you need a hard wired internet jack.

If you have or want to network computers in your home you can now do it very easily and cleanly. If you have a fax line in one

room and now need to move the fax to another room you can simply make changes on the fly without being concerned if you have

a phone wire where youd like to relocate the fax machine to. All these things can be done with

a Structure Wired System.




Professional Loudspeaker Repair

Most of the professional speakers used in pro audio are dicast drivers. These drivers can be reconed using factory parts and are able to be refurbished to original operating specfications. We offer recone services for most professional drivers and offer repair on most speaker systems.


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